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from $69.55
Roar! Our lion cake features a yellow exterior with a handpiped brown mane. Great for animal l
from $85.60
Our handpiped rainbows are made with pastel rainbow shades swirled together for a natural technicolo
from $88.81
This blue watercolour ombre base is adorned with handpiped green 'seaweed', colourful fondant seashe
from $69.55
Woof! Our puppy dog cake features handpiped fur buttercream, and is a popular design for dog l
from $69.55
Our rabbit cake features handpiped fur buttercream, adorned with a pair of fondant ears and an
from $85.60
This vibrant, cheerful cake features rainbow-coloured fondant alphabets and numbers on the circumfer
from $77.04
This popular design features a rainbow bunting on the circumference, rainbow sprinkles on
from $98.44
This colourful rainbow cake is decorated with white chocolate drizzle, rainbow spr
from $74.90
One of our signature designs - this polka-dotted cake is topped with rainbow sprinkles and decorated
from $90.95
Traditionally, longevity buns are a Chinese symbol of immortality and are popular auspicious m
from $77.04
This rose gold ombre cake is embellished with rose gold-dusted mixed berries and sprigs of fresh fl
from $96.30
This popular rose gold ombre cake is adorned with 24 Karat gold leaves placed individually by