Okinawa Milk Tea Bubble Tea Cake

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Okinawa Milk Tea Bubble Tea Cake

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Bubble tea lovers unite! Our milk tea bubble tea cake can satisfy your sweet cravings with freshly cooked boba pearls topped on our milk tea cake, featuring Okinawa Milk Tea cream and Okinawa brown sugar jelly layered between vanilla sponge. To enjoy this cake, do ensure that you do not refrigerate it, as boba pearls will harden in the fridge. Keep at aircon temperature and consume within two hours of delivery for best QQ texture of the boba pearls.



6" Size - Approx 1.2kg, good for 5-8 pax

Do note that this cake cannot be refrigerated as the bubble tea pearls will harden. Consume this cake as soon as delivered to enjoy maximum freshness. A message cannot be piped on this cake due to the nature of the design of this cake.